We are bringing together industry experts, innovative startups and investors to shape the future of HR Tech.

With allygatr, we are dedicated to building the #hrtechallyance. It enables HR professionals to leverage cutting edge tools and insights, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry trends and best practices. We also offer the unique opportunity to invest in the future of HR Tech, be a part of a thriving community and contribute to shaping the future of work.

Who is part of the #hrtechallyance?

Now is the perfect time to get involved and participate in the growing HR Tech market.


benefit from a tight-knit community that provides access to industry-leading resources, valuable investment opportunities and collaborations that are essential to succeed in the dynamic HR technology landscape.


gain early access to innovative start-ups, pioneering technologies and high-growth companies that have the potential to significantly shape the future of work.


contribute their expertise, exchange ideas with like-minded people and play an active role in shaping the next generation of HR Tech Startups.


gain direct access to the latest innovations, industry-leading experts and valuable partnerships, enabling them to efficiently modernize and optimize their HR strategies.

What our investors have to say

allygatr is the one-stop-shop for all new solutions and start-ups in the HR tech space. It's exciting to see how many ideas exist to improve HR through tech.

Anjuli Mauer

CEO & Founder People Pace

Smaller HR teams have to cover larger and larger scopes of work. This is a great opportunity for founders and start-ups that can show cost reduction benefits as well es reducing inefficiencies.

Idan Tobias

Business Mentor & Coach

Fundraising or the access to investors is one of the main challenges for every founder. Here the #hrtechallyance links promising start-ups with enthusiastic investors and experts to accelerate excellence in the HR Tech space.

Anette Elias

CEO Scoutment

Time for something new

The current HR Tech landscape - it's chaotic

Due to unprecedented expansion and diversification, the HR Tech market is bringing both: exciting opportunities and significant challenges. An ever-growing flood of new technologies, platforms and solutions can be overwhelming even for experienced professionals to keep track of. That's why we built the #hrtechallyance.

Our goal is to cut through the clutter.

With the #hrtechallyance, we are creating a centralized, synergistic and curated community, to make valuable connections, share knowledge and push the boundaries of what is possible in HR Tech.