For Founders

Why allygatr?
Have you read our vision yet? "We shape the future of work.", which means we are always on the lookout for promising and visionary HR Tech solutions that go hand in hand with digitalization and needs of our society, especially in the context of work.We have a highly qualified team with experience in investing in and building successful HR Tech companies. Plus, after decades in the HR industry we gathered not only extensive knowledge, but also extraordinary contacts in the scene. We are your door openers.
Why an operational HR Tech VC?
To quote our own mission: “We scout, sign and scale early HR Tech startups. Based on our exceptional expertise and unique allyance network, we enable them to build companies people simply love.” That being said, we go several steps further than your average VC that is just in it for the EXIT. 

We are not solely focused on short-term gains but pursue a long-term investment strategy. Therefore, we invest in sustainable and forward-thinking solutions that are poised for long-term success and have a positive social impact. 

In addition to financial support, we offer you operational support in all areas of starting a business. Be it sales, marketing, business development, product design, finance, legal, leadership training and so on. When we agree to invest in your startup, you can be sure that we value it at least as much as you do and want it to be the best version possible.
What do you invest in?
We invest in ideas or early-stage startups that are focused on the future of work and that are either based in the German-speaking region or want to do business in it. 
What don't you invest in?
In non-HR-Tech relevant topics or topics which are not directed towards the future of work. We also do not invest in later stages but exclusively in early stage startups. Also you should either be based in the German speaking area - or want to do business in this area.
What stage do you invest in?
We invest as early as possible. in many of our investments, we were founding shareholders. In almost all cases, we were on board before or with the first business angels. 
In which regions do you invest?
At the moment, all our holdings are in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria & Switzerland). However, we are also open for startups from abroad who want to enter these markets thanks to us. 
Do you lead investments?
We are both happy lead investor - as well as we have no problem investing with other investors. 
What are your terms?
We invest - depending on the maturity of the idea / venture - between 25,000 to 125,000 EUR cash. In addition, we invest between 6 - 24 months of operational support. The total investment therefore usually amounts to between 50,000 EUR to 250,000 EUR. We can invest in the form of a capital increase or a convertible loan and always require at least 5% of the company after the subsequent financing round. 
How do you make decisions?
After sending your pitch deck, the allygatr management team will take a look at it. We can then make a decision as allygatr. If we are intrigued, an invitation to a pitch will follow. Depending on the topic, 1 - 3 members of the allygatr team usually take part. After the pitch an internal vote will take place and a decision will be made.  After the acceptance by us, a small due diligence follows.
How long does your process take?
In > 90 % of all cases the time from sending the pitch deck to transferring the money (if by convertible loan) is less than 4 weeks, in some cases less than 1 week. 
Should our product be ready before you talk with us?
No! We also invest in ideas. For example, we have already helped several of our investments to become successful, profitable companies within the first year after foundation! There is no such thing as "too early" with us. 

For Investors

Why should I invest in allygatr?
We are allygatr, the only operational VC for HR Tech in the German speaking market. We scout, sign and scale early HR Tech startups and already have phenomenal success in our portfolio.
In less than two years we have grown to the clear No. 1 HR Tech VC. 

Your risk is reduced, since, in addition to money, we also provide operational support for our startups. At the same time, it is possible - in contrast to a classic fund - to exert more influence on the startups.

We also have portfolio companies that are already profitable and pay dividends.
Who is already invested in allygatr?
In addition to numerous HR experts, former board members, private equity experts, M&A experts, CFOs and other top managers are also invested with us. You can find an overview here.

For Candidates

What do I do if you don't have a suitable position posted?
You can always send us an unsolicited application! We look forward to hearing from you.
Can I apply even if I want to work more / fewer hours than requested in the job description?
We are always open to talk to you about it. There is an individual solution for everyone.